Welcome to the ITNS blog, our internet home designed to help students, teachers, and others get the most out of Introduction to the New Statistics. The 2nd edition is now available!

For more information, see the publisher’s page for ITNS here. To see the Contents, Preface, and Chapter 1 in full click ‘Read sample’ on Amazon here.

What will you find on this site?

  • Newest versions of esci, our free software and tools that emphasise estimation statistics with confidence intervals
    • All the simulations previously part of esci (like dance of the means) now run directly in your browser: https://www.esci.thenewstatistics.com/
    • For data analysis, esci is now a module in jamovi and a package for R.  Instructions for installation are here: esci in jamovi
    • You can also still download the older Excel versions of ESCI, though these are no longer being maintained.  See this page for a listing of all previous Excel versions with download links: https://thenewstatistics.com/itns/esci/
  • Blog posts from Geoff and Bob with news and any updates about ITNS and esci, and musings and news about the New Statistics, Open Science, and Metascience
  • Information about the first book, Understanding the New Statistics

Looking for instructor resources? These are on the publisher’s companion website for the book here.

Are you a student looking to download data sets, flashcards, or other resources?  These are on the publisher’s companion website for the book here.

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