Good research in the service of more effective activism

Research can be vitally important, helping shape how we see the world and the policies we enact.  Here is an example of an applied research lab aiming to use applied research to figure out the most effective ways to lobby for animal rights.  You don’t have to agree with their politics to appreciate what an incisive and thoughtful lab this is.  Click through the blog to read posts on the perils of significance testing, the importance of adequate sample sizes, and excellent research reports that are a model of Open Science practices.



I'm a teacher, researcher, and gadfly of neuroscience. My research interests are in the neural basis of learning and memory, the history of neuroscience, computational neuroscience, bibliometrics, and the philosophy of science. I teach courses in neuroscience, statistics, research methods, learning and memory, and happiness. In my spare time I'm usually tinkering with computers, writing programs, or playing ice hockey.

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