Now streaming from YouTube: ITNS videos

There are 38 videos that come with ITNS. They aim to explain ideas and, in many cases, to walk through using ESCI to see cool things, or analyse data and make nice data pictures. Pictures with CIs, of course.

I’ve uploaded those videos to YouTube, for easy streaming. At YouTube, search for ‘ITNS book’. The first digit in the name is the chapter number. The text below the vid on YouTube summarizes the content.

If instead you search for ‘Geoff Cumming’ you get in addition a dozen or so earlier videos, including the original dance of the p values. (Another way to find that is to Google ‘dance of the p values’.)

Back to the ITNS vids. Early feedback from students has been positive. “Not too fast, not too slow.” (Goldilocks?) “Great that they are pretty short.” (I’m believing that’s a positive remark.)



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