Are you hearing ‘The Conversation’? This time on p hacking.

‘The Conversation’ is a non-profit online publication with the tag line ‘academic rigour, journalistic flair’. Starting in Australia a few years back and, at first, largely funded by universities, it is spreading worldwide, with editions in a number of countries, and recently a global edition. Articles are mainly written by academics (university faculty) with much editing for accessibility. It’s all free, and I find the daily email bulletins increasingly timely and interesting. It covers an incredible range of topics. Follow the US Presidential  campaigns, Brexit, climate change, or what you will. Timely and intelligent.

I mention this as a preview to mentioning my post of a couple of hours ago on p hacking and the replication crisis. I find an excuse to mention estimation and the new statistics. But you expected that. Feel free to add a comment in response to my post if you wish.

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