Month: February 2017

p Hacking: More than you ever wish to know

I recently received an email telling me that an article I had reviewed for a journal had achieved 10,000 views. The astonishing thing was that the email arrived less than 3 weeks after the article had been published online! Believe

NIH asks journals to make sure we get the whole story

The Open Science credo is “Get the whole story”–we can only evaluate the claims made from scientific data when we know the whole context of how that data was generated.  For example, finding a large effect of a new drug

Sample Size Planning – Even when required, not usually done well

In many research fields, sample sizes are too small for the research questions being asked.  In neuroscience, the field I work in, this problem is now very well documented (see Button et al., 2013; Szucs & Ionnidis, 2016). In response

Open Science: Who is paying?

It’s the Open Science fairy story: Brian Nosek was one of a number of young researchers worried that all didn’t seem right in the research world. To what extent was research really producing trustworthy findings? To what extent was it