Replication is the new black, and not only in Psychology: Economics too

There are good folks in many disciplines who are working to encourage Open Science practices. Here’s an example from economics: A website that promotes replication.

The Network is run by Bob Reed, at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand (earthquake central), and Maren Duvendack in the U.K.   The Network has several hundred members.

It’s fun to browse the Guest Blogs–I discovered all sorts of interesting links and discussions about replication and Open Science stuff.

News & Events is also worth a squiz. And that’s not even mentioning the big pile of info about replication work in economics.



P.S. When we were writing ITNS, our copy editor queried a few expressions that turned out to be Australianisms. We dropped some, but one that survived was ‘squiz’. We reckoned that readers would be savvy enough to guess correctly, or could even resort to googling it if they insisted.

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