A cool new journal is Open

APS (The Association for Psychological Science) recently launched its sixth journal: Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science. A dreadful mouthful of a title–why not drop ‘Advances in’ for a start–but it looks highly promising. Maybe it will become known as AIMPIPS?

The foundation editor is Dan Simons, perhaps most widely known for the invisible gorilla, although he’s done lots besides.

The announcement of the new journal is here and the main site for the journal is here.

It’s worth browsing the Submission Guidelines, especially the ‘General Journal Information’ and ‘Statistics’ sections. Also the stuff about ‘Registered Replication Reports’ and ‘Registered Reports’–peer review before data collection, gasp! Open Science is in just about every sentence. Such guidelines could hardly have been dreamt of a few years ago. Here’s wishing it every success in helping make research better–and more open.


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