Confirmatory Research – A special issue of JESP

Catching up a bit, but in November of 2016 the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology published a special issue dedicated just to confirmatory research.

The whole issue is well-worth reading:

  • There is  an excellent guide to pre-registration (ostensibly for social psychologists, but really for anyone).   (van ’t Veer & Giner-Sorolla, 2016)
  • Lots of interesting pre-registered studies, like this one  (McCarthy, Coley, Wagner, Zengel, & Basham, 2016)
  • Many Labs 3 is published, which is completely fascinating.  (Ebersole et al., 2016)
  • And some fascinating commentaries, including this one about using MTurk samples.  (DeVoe & House, 2016)


DeVoe, S. E., & House, J. (2016, November). Replications with MTurkers who are naïve versus experienced with academic studies: A comment on Connors, Khamitov, Moroz, Campbell, and Henderson (2015). Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Elsevier BV.
Ebersole, C. R., Atherton, O. E., Belanger, A. L., Skulborstad, H. M., Allen, J. M., Banks, J. B., … Nosek, B. A. (2016, November). Many Labs 3: Evaluating participant pool quality across the academic semester via replication. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Elsevier BV.
McCarthy, R. J., Coley, S. L., Wagner, M. F., Zengel, B., & Basham, A. (2016, November). Does playing video games with violent content temporarily increase aggressive inclinations? A pre-registered experimental study. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Elsevier BV.
van ’t Veer, A. E., & Giner-Sorolla, R. (2016, November). Pre-registration in social psychology—A discussion and suggested template. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Elsevier BV.

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