from the APS Convention in Boston

Bob and I are in Boston this weekend for the annual APS Convention. It’s great to catch up, and discuss a million things about ITNS and this blog, and our future plans. Our publisher told us yesterday that early signs from the field are super-encouraging, which is great. It can of course be a big job to persuade your colleagues to adopt a different approach to intro statistics, but people are taking on this challenge. So the future for teaching OS and the new statistics is bright.

This year there aren’t as many sessions on Open Science issues as in the past 3 years, but still lots of goodies. There’s a real buzz about MPPS (or AIMPIPS!), the new APS journal, which should really help push OS forward.

Bob and I ran a symposium yesterday. The room was packed–standing room only–by close to 100 people. Our focus was on the challenges of putting TNS and OS into practice, and strategies that can help. After our 4 brief presentations we had more than 30 minutes of excellent discussion. Many, many people see the need and are working on how they can, in practice, get real change.

Below is the outline. Bob will post the 4 sets of slide shortly. Watch this space…


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