Today’s news from SIPS: Getting better…

A while ago I wrote about SIPS. Today came an email following the second SIPS meeting, a couple of weeks ago at COS in Charlottesville, VA. Below is some of the email:

“We had an invigorating conference, and are humbled by the amount of energy and support from all of you, including many who were not at the conference. 200 of you attended (out of about 1,500 on this mailing list…

Mark your calendars
SIPS 2018 will be in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA June 23-27.
(SIPS 2019 will be somewhere in Europe, exact date and location TBD.)

We’re official!
We’re incorporated! This means we’ll soon be ready to offer official SIPS membership, complete with voting rights, discounted registration to next year’s conference, and many other perks! Look out for an email soon with instructions on how to become a SIPS member – we’d love your support!

We have a journal!
SIPS has officially partnered with the open access, UC press journal Collabra: Psychology. Stay tuned for more developments…

Get Involved
Want to catch up or jump in on projects started during SIPS 2017? Take a look at the projects on the OSF page, and feel free to contact the group leaders if you’d like to get involved!”

Alas I wasn’t there, but there’s clearly a massive amount of good OS work going on. Have a squiz at the program–scroll down to p. 6 and beyond to see some of the main projects underway.

You can join the SIPS mailing list here. I think it’s fantastic that, in particular, so many grad students and post-docs are taking the initiative to work on improving our discipline in a very practical and basic way–by improving the way we do our science.


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