Improving Psychological Science: The Latest From SIPS

You may recall that SIPS is the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science. My colleague Fiona Fidler recently reported that the second SIPS conference was “probably the best conference I’ve ever been to”. When I met her the other day she was still enthusing about that meeting, and the great energy among those participating.

She added that they were very largely young folk and that she and Steve Lindsay–who, she said, gave a great session on how to write a high quality review of a manuscript submitted for journal publication–were among the few participants over 40. Perhaps it’s early career folks who see most clearly the imperative to adopt Open Science, and are willing to work to make it happen. Science advances funeral by funeral?!

You can now join SIPS. The latest from SIPS came in an email today. The text is below. They accepted me as a member, so you don’t have to be under 40 to join!


“Hello SIPSers,

“To those who have signed up to become SIPS members – thanks for your support! To those who haven’t yet but have been meaning to, here’s the link to make it easier! (Note: … Membership is a new thing, made possible by our new, incorporated, non-profit status!) Reasons to become a member include: discounted conference registration rates, voting rights, eligibility for awards and election to the board, an extra line on your CV, and the knowledge that you’re supporting SIPS and our open access journal, Collabra: Psychology.

“You can also register for the SIPS pre-conference at the 2018 SPSP convention, March 1st in Atlanta, GA, USA. Scroll down for information on the registration discount for student and early career attendees. (No member discount here because rates were set before we had members!)

“Finally, check out the open science videos filmed by SPSP at the SIPS 2017 meeting, featuring five SIPS attendees talking about open science, pre-registration, replication, power, and open data.

“The SIPS executive committee”

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