Open Science and The New Statistics: Be Happy!

In May this year at the APS Convention in Boston, Bob and I ran a symposium with the title From NHST to The New Statistics: How do We Get There? It was great fun. There is a summary here.

Next year the APS Convention will be in San Francisco in May. The invitation for submissions is here. Go to that page and see this pic of four happy people:

Would you know it–that’s a pic of our symposium panel at APS this last May! From the left: Steve Lindsay, Editor-in-chief of Psychological Science; Susan Nolan, author of a number of textbooks, including some fine statistics texts; Tamarah Smith, statistics teaching guru; and Bob. I’m not in the pic–I’m probably giving my presentation, perhaps making some sweeping outrageous remarks about NHST or p values at the moment here frozen in time?

I’m thinking that this pic is evidence that APS judges our symposium to be the happiest moment of the 2017 Convention!

Indeed, a big reason for jumping in to teach the new ways is that it’s simply more fun–as well as more successful and satisfying–than teaching as we’ve done for decades past.

P.S. We have submitted a proposal for a follow-up symposium for APS next May to discuss case studies of changing to the new ways. Still under review. Watch this space.

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