Open Science matters, it really matters

I’ve written before about this year’s meeting of SIPS. My colleague Fiona Fidler reported that it was “probably the best conference I’ve ever been to”.

Fiona also reports that the closing address at the meeting was a personal story told by Brian Nosek. Fiona writes that “I’m pretty sure the whole room cried. I can hardly recall it now without crying.”

Now Brian has written up the story as a COS blog post. Read it here. Maybe you will cry a little too–as well as being (1) outraged at how wasteful, misleading, and downright wrong so much of old science has been, and (2) reminded how mightily necessary, urgent, and essential Open Science is.

Midst the daily frustrations and challenges of making fundamental changes, with inertia or even opposition all round, we need inspiration to help us along. Thank you Brian.

P.S. While you are at the COS blog site, take a squiz at some of the other posts. Lots of juicy goodies.

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