See you in San Francisco?

I’m delighted to report that our symposium proposed for the APS Convention next May has been accepted. (BTW if you visit that site for the Convention, note the happy people in the top centre pic–our panel from the 2017 Convention.)

The Convention will be in San Francisco, 24-27 May 2018.

Our symposium:
Title: Open Science and Its Statistics: What We Need to Teach Now
Chair: Bob Calin-Jageman–who no doubt will say a bit about his own successful teaching experiences with the new statistics.
Susan A. Nolan and Kelly M. Goedert, Seton Hall University:
Transitioning a Traditional Department: Roadblocks and Opportunities for Incorporating the New Statistics and Open Science into Teaching Materials
Tamarah Smith, Cabrini University: Feeling Good about the New Statistics: How the New Statistics Improves the Way Researchers and Students Feel about Statistics
Geoff Cumming, La Trobe University, Australia: Open Science Is Best Practice Science

Symposium Abstract
Open Science and the new statistics promise research that is more ethical and trustworthy, but education needs to change. This change has begun. We will share successes in transitioning to the new statistics from a range of perspectives, with a particular focus on teaching, allowing ample time for discussion.

The main reason we proposed this symposium is to report and discuss experiences teaching Open Science and the new statistics. We really do hope to hear from people coming to the symposium what their experiences have been. Personally, I’m convinced that it’s way easier and more satisfying to teach the new approaches than the old–especially NHST. Students simply find the new ways more coherent and appealing.

To what extent do others share my experience and opinion? How can we do better? What are the best teaching strategies? What materials provide the best support for students and teachers?

I’m hanging out for answers to questions like these. I’m hoping next May to hear lots of interesting things at our symposium. You might consider coming along?


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