Say It in Song: Go Forth and Replicate!

Jon Grahe, of Pacific Lutheran University, is an enthusiastic advocate for Open Science and, especially, for student participation in doing Open Science as a key part of education. The Collaborative Replication and Education Project (CREP, pronounced “krape”) is a great project of his, which we discuss on pp. 263 and 475 in ITNS.

Jon’s also a musician, and uses music as yet another way to spread OS messages. The Second Stringers recently released an updated recording of their potential world smash hit number Go Forth & Replicate. (While you are at that OSF site you may care to check out one or two other goodies.)

I particularly liked the creative involvement of the cat’s eye, which becomes not just a graph showing how likelihood or plausibility varies across a CI, but a sort of all-seeing eye on what’s happening in a replication project. Great work, Jon and team!

“…when the cat’s eye blinks…”


And now a pic to admire, the cat’s eye (from Fig 5.1 in ITNS):

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