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The ITNS page on Amazon (U.S.) is here. Scroll down to see the 4 reviews by readers.

Recently a five-star review was added by Edoardo Zamuner. Here it is:

“I am an experimental psychologist with training in NHST. Cumming’s book has helped me realise that my understanding of key statistical tests was largely mistaken. As a result, Cumming’s discussion of confidence intervals, effect sizes, meta-analysis and open science has become essential to my work. I found the section on effect sizes especially important, since many academic journals now require authors to report effect sizes with error estimations — with or without p-values. Cumming’s New Statistics is at the center of Psychological Science’s statistical reforms (Eich, 2013, Psychological Science, “No More business as Usual—Embracing the New Statistics”).

“In addition to being an excellent tool for researchers, Cumming’s book is relevant to teachers interested in switching from NHST to effect sizes, and who want their students to learn about the replication crisis, meta-analysis, and open science. Students using this book will still gain the necessary skills to understand the literature published prior to the statistical reform.

“The book comes with a number of excellent online resources, including a companion website hosted by the publisher (google: routledge textbooks introduction new statistics). From this website, teachers and students can download slides with images from lecture notes, the Exploratory Software for Confidence Intervals (ESCI), and guides to SPSS and R. More online material is available on the APS website (google: aps new statistics estimation cumming), where readers can watch six excellent videos in which Cumming expands on topics from the book.”

Thank you Edoardo. I was delighted to see those judgments.

If I could just add one remark: My co-author Bob Calin-Jageman deserves a big mention for an immense and ongoing contribution to the book and all the materials.

P.S. If you have read or worked with ITNS and/or any of the accompanying materials, please consider writing a review for Amazon. It’s actually easy to do.

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