Internal Meta-Analysis: The Latest

I recently wrote in favour of internal meta-analysis, which refers to m-a that integrates evidence from two or more studies on more-or-less the same question, all coming from the same lab and perhaps reported in a single article. The post is here.

This month’s issue of Significance magazine carries an article that also argues in favour of internal meta-analysis, which it refers to as single paper meta-analysis.

McShane, B. B. & Böckenholt, U. (2018). Want to make behavioural research more replicable? Promote single paper meta-analysis. Significance, December, 38-40. (The article is behind a paywall, so I can’t give a link to the full paper.)

The article provides a link to software that, the authors claim, makes it easy to carry out meta-analysis, using their recommended hierarchical (or multilevel) model fit to the individual-level observations.


P.S. Note that Blakely McShane, the first author, is also first author of the article Abandon Statistical Significance that I recently wrote about–see here.

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