APS Publicises the TAS Articles

The APS has just released this Research Spotlight item:

Suddenly it’s more than 5 years since APS made some important and very early steps to promote Open Science and new-statistics practices. Back in Jan 2014, then Editor-in-Chief of Psychological Science, Eric Eich, explained in an editorial a whole set of new policies: Offering of OS badges, requirements for more complete reporting of methods and data, encouragement for use of the new statistics, discouragement of NHST, and more. Steve Lindsay, who followed Eric, has introduced further policies to encourage replication and improve the trustworthiness of research published in Psychological Science. Various of the new policies have spread to other APS journals.

The Research Spotlight item also notes some of the other steps APS has taken in support of OS and statistical improvements, including publication of this tutorial article, and this set of six videos.

APS Conventions have hosted many symposia and workshops on Open Science, and on the new statistics and other modern statistical practices. You can rush to sign up (click at left then scroll down) for Tamara and Bob’s great workshop at this year’s Convention in D.C.:

All strength to the APS in its long-standing and continuing support for Open Science and better statistical methods.


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