Preregistration: Why and How

Prereg Workshop at APS

Steve Lindsay usefully posted a comment to draw our attention to the Preregistration Workshop on offer at the APS Convention coming up shortly in D.C.. You can scan the full list of Workshops here–there are lots of goodies on offer, including Tamara and Bob on Teaching the New Statistics. Steve is leading the prereg workshop and is supported by an all-star cast:

Prereg: Some Doubts

Richard Shiffrin is a highly distinguished psychological scientist. He has been arguing at a number of conventions that some Open Science practices are often unnecessary, and may even impede scientific progress. He and colleagues published this article in PNAS:

It’s a great article, but the authors raised doubts about, specifically, preregistration.

The Case for Prereg

In a very nice blog post, Steve Lindsay made complimentary remarks about the Shiffren et al. article, then made what seems to me a wonderfully wide-ranging yet succinct account of preregistration: The rationale and justification, and the limitations. He also countered a number of doubts that have been raised about prereg.

Steve’s post gives us lots of reasons WHY prereg. I’m sure the Workshop will also give lots of advice on HOW. Enjoy!


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