The New Statistics Videos: 5 Years On

This week’s news email from the APS includes this interesting item:

Aha, I thought, they are giving publicity to Tamara and Bob’s wonderful workshop at the APS Convention last month. Great! But the link didn’t go to the materials for that workshop (which you can find here–well worth a look). It went to the six videos of the workshop I gave at the APS Convention in San Francisco, back in 2014.

Five years ago! That was two years before ITNS was published, and only months after the Center for Open Science was established. There have been so many wonderful advances since that 2014 workshop, including, for example

  • Massive development of the OSF and expansion of its use.
  • The launch and development of the SIPS, and similar organisations around the world.
  • The launch and massive take-up of the TOP guidelines, currently boasting 5,000+ signatories, and being used by 1,000+ journals across numerous disciplines. (This may be one of the strongest indications that Open Science is becoming closer to mainstream.)

So, five years on, how do my videos hold up? I’m not the one to attempt an objective assessment, but I feel that they remain relevant, and still provide a reasonable introduction to the new statistics and Open Science.

It’s interesting to see that the title of the five videos is The New Statistics: Estimation and Research Integrity. An early slide in the first video (shown in the pic above) notes that ‘Open Science’ means pretty much the same as ‘Research Integrity’. The term ‘Open Science’ was, back in 2014, becoming used, but had not achieved full dominance.

My tutorial article published in Psychological Science just before, in Jan 2014, uses the term ‘research integrity’ rather than Open Science. (If reading it today, do a mental ‘search and replace’, so you read it as discussing Open Science,)

Ah, so many wonderful Open Science developments in five years. Bring on the next five!


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