‘Open Statistics’: It’s All Happening in Italy

I knew good things were happening at the University of Bologna this (northern) summer. Now I know the details. The brochure is here, and this is part of the title page:

What do they mean by ‘Open Statistics’? As I understand it, they will be discussing statistical methods needed in this age of Open Science. Here’s the line-up of speakers for the first day, Sep 30, 2019:

I know more than half of the speakers, and all of these will be well worth hearing. Bob will, no doubt, be waving the flag for estimation, replication, Open Science and other good things.

The Symposium will be held at the Cesena campus of the University of Bologna. Cesena may not be the most exciting place to visit in Italy, but I’m told the nearby beaches and coastal towns are wonderful.

Would you believe, attendance and participation is free. You are warmly invited to sign up here. Below is a bit more info. Enjoy!


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