eNeuro’s new push to encourage estimation

eNeuro, one of the two journals published by the Society for Neuroscience, has revised its author guidelines to encourage estimation. That’s great news.

Here is:

  • The announcement and comment from editor Christophe Bernard
  • An accompanying commentary from us that explains estimation using neuroscience examples and provides concrete examples of how it can help nudge us toward better inference.
  • A research paper from the editor which he revised to focus on estimation, a kind of ‘eat your own dog food’ test case where he found it was easy and useful enough to go forward with the new policy.
  • An invitation to discuss the new policy on the eNEuro blog

I’ve got to admit that I am beyond excited… when I prepped a talk about estimation for neuroscientists last fall I never dreamed it could spur change of this magnitude. I’m excited and hopeful that this test case at eNeuro will really help turn the tide in how we report and think about inference in neuroscience. Word is that JNeurosci will be watching and considering if they want to move in the same direction. Fingers crossed.


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