Open Statistics Conference – Talk and Resources

I had the great pleasure today of discussing the estimation approach (New Statistics) at the Open Statistics / Open Eyes conference in Cesena, University of Bologna.

Here I’m posting some resources for those looking to get started with the New Statistics:

  • Here’s our “Getting Started” page with links to textbooks, videos, and more.
  • Here’s the esci module for R and jamovi (JASP soon, I hope?). Still in beta. Download esci.jmo and then sideload it into jamovi.
  • Here’s esci for Excel, a free set of tools for estimation in the frequentist approach:
  • Here’s our OSF page on teaching the New Statistics, with lots of resources for instructors:

And here’s my talk:


I'm a teacher, researcher, and gadfly of neuroscience. My research interests are in the neural basis of learning and memory, the history of neuroscience, computational neuroscience, bibliometrics, and the philosophy of science. I teach courses in neuroscience, statistics, research methods, learning and memory, and happiness. In my spare time I'm usually tinkering with computers, writing programs, or playing ice hockey.

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