Farewell and Thanks Steve Lindsay

Psychological Science, the journal, has for years pushed hard for publication of better, more trustworthy research. First there was the leadership of Eric Eich, then Steve Lindsay energetically took the baton. Steve is about to finish, no doubt to his great relief. His ‘swan song’ editorial has just come online, with open access:

Steve starts with a generous reference to a talk of mine at Victoria University in Wellington N.Z. No doubt I talked mainly about the huge variability of p values, and ran the ‘dance of the p values‘ demo. (Search for ‘dance of the p values’ at YouTube to find maybe 3 versions.)

Then he gives a brief and modest account of the great strides the journal took under Eric’s and then his own leadership. Indeed, Psychological Science has been vitally important in advancing our discipline! I’m sure, also, that it has had beneficial influence well beyond psychology.

All eyes are now on the incoming editor, Patricia Bauer. To what extent will she keep up the Open Science pressure, the further development of journal policies and practices to keep our field moving towards ever more reproducible and open–and therefore trustworthy and valuable–research?

I join Steve in wholeheartedly wishing her well.


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