Will that result replicate? Contribute some judgments to Fiona’s repliCATS project

Just had an update about Fiona’s big project to study how well researchers can judge the chance that some result can be replicated. She and the team are doing well, but need a last push during July to meet their target. Consider signing up to make a few judgments (and maybe win some cash). Sorry–I’m not really a used-car salesperson.

I posted about the project, repliCATS, here. In short: “…the largest ever empirical study on how scientists reason about other scientists’ work, and what factors makes them trust it.” It’s right at the core of understanding and advancing Open Science.

At workshops around the world, more recently all online, the team has collected a big database of judgments about claims made in reports of research. Would the claim replicate? The team seeks judgments by anyone from undergraduates to seasoned researchers, in any of a wide range of social and behavioural science disciplines.

Please do consider signing up. Details are here.

Latest news: The project has just been expanded to include assessment of claims being made in the social and behavioural sciences about COVID-19. Work to start in August. You can sign up for that also.

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