Bob’s Latest Estimation Workshop a Hit

Bob has tweeted, but it’s worth a quick post. His 90 min new-statistics zoomfest was part of SIPS2020. More than 100 folks, almost all staying to the end. Excited and positive chat all the way through. Yes, a 5am start for me, but worth it.

Materials, including slides, are at

See the first slide for links to the data, and for help (it’s dead easy) to get esci running in jamovi. Also available from our site

Bob walked us through how esci (now in R) makes it easy to analyse data using estimation, for several different measures and designs. Extra data sets allowed us all to do it ourselves, and enjoy the great esci pictures with CIs.

He started by explaining why teaching this way is more fun, more successful, and leads to happier students. esci will be the cornerstone advance in the second edition of ITNS, which we’re working on right now.



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