“Which of the Books Should I Buy?”

…as I was asked recently. A question every author loves to hear. The short answer is ITNS, preferably to be followed by ITNS2, coming in 2021 we hope. Here’s an overview:

ITNS, second edition, due 2021

Main changes from the first edition: fabulous new software:

esci (in R) for data analysis and great graphs with CIs, by Bob, and

esci web (in javascript) for dance simulations and tools, by Gordon Moore

There’s even more about Open Science, and some new examples–timely studies that have used Open Science practices.

ITNS, 2017

The first introductory textbook to combine the new statistics (CIs, estimation, meta-analysis) with Open Science practices, from the start and all through. Starts at the very beginning, but goes far enough to include meta-analysis, regression, and simple two-way designs. Basic formulas only, many pictures and interactive demos. Lots of examples. Lots of online resources to support teachers and students.

A streamlined version of ESCI, software that runs under Excel, is used throughout the book. More information here. Read Contents and Chapter 1 here. Publisher’s website here. Support materials are here. ESCI intro is here. Amazon page here.

UTNS, 2012

The original book, aimed at upper year undergraduates through to researchers. Explains in detail why the dichotomous thinking of NHST is damaging and should be replaced by the new statistics. Estimation and meta-analysis are introduced from the start. Some is just a little technical, for example three chapters on meta-analysis. Predates Open Science. No regression. Accompanied by original ESCI, running under Excel. More information here. Publisher’s website here. ESCI is here. Amazon page here.

Whichever you choose, I hope the book, software and all the materials serve you well. Together let’s change the world, towards better research and statistical practices.


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