jamovi—and esci—Just Keep Powering Ahead

Two beautiful numbers:

55,000 – the approx. number of times jamovi was downloaded in March

2,500 – the approx. number of times esci was added to jamovi in March

Each of these is about double the number for three months earlier! At this rate, everyone on Earth will have their own copy within a year or two—roughly speaking 😉

Of the 38 modules available in the jamovi library, esci is currently the 5th most popular—demonstrating that it’s fully usable despite still being in development. Hats off to Bob!

In case it’s new to you, jamovi is the free, open-source stats software that crushes SPSS. It’s even better with added esci—which is designed to go with the second edition of ITNS, currently in preparation.

To get started, see this post.

Even simpler than downloading jamovi—tho’ this is quick and easy—just click on the big green button at the jamovi home page to open jamovi directly in any browser. Then play. (The online version is experimental, and modules can’t yet be added.)

Enjoy, and please let’s have your comments and suggestions,


2 Comments on “jamovi—and esci—Just Keep Powering Ahead

  1. Exciting to hear! I love the ESCI Jamovi module. Am using it with RStudio.cloud + ITNS + a new Jamovi module for my lab’s ShowMyData.org plotting functions to teach my students Jamovi + ESCI + R this term.

    Have run into one persistent error with the subset of ESCI R functions that offer the option of either raw data or summary data. I have reported this error along with a simple reproducible example (reprex) on the esci github page here (https://github.com/rcalinjageman/esci/issues/7).

    Would be thrilled for any guidance on how to get around this one. Am all too happy for a short-term band-aid solution, or even to be pointed in the right general direction so I can fork the esci library, implement a fix, and then have students load that version. Whatever is easiest in the midst of pandemic-busy-ness!

    Thank you so very much for the incredible resource of these powerful and user-friendly new versions of the fabulous ESCI analysis suite!

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