Sport and Exercise Science: The New Statistics, Videos, and ESCI

It’s a pleasure to see estimation, Open Science, and even use of ESCI spreading across disciplines. This blog has reported various talks and articles I’ve been involved with in fields as diverse as, for example, Antarctic and marine science, orthodontics, physiology, and, most recently, cardiac surgery.

Now, I’m pleased to report, it’s sport and exercise science. Recently I had an appreciative message from Shaun Phillips (@DrShaunPhillips), a sport and exercise scientist at the University of Edinburgh. He has recently launched a YouTube channel with videos about sport and exercise science, and being a student of sport and exercise science, and also videos about basic statistical concepts, many using ESCI.

Shaun and an ESCI screenshot during his discussion of the central limit theorem, using an exercise science example

For an intro to Shaun’s channel, see here. The statistics videos take an estimation approach. Dipping into some of them, they strike me as focussed and neat, and making good use of ESCI. The channel is new, and further videos are coming.

For my own videos using ESCI and designed to go with ITNS, go here then click ‘Videos’. My set of 10 videos for intro statistics are the first 10 listed here.

I should mention that for ITNS2, which is coming, we move beyond ESCI and use esci web for tools and simulations, and esci in jamovi for data analysis and generation of graphs with CIs.

Shaun’s videos are well worth exploring. Enjoy.


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