Where a Psychology Major Might Lead

The brain…, the climate crisis…, sustainability with children…, healthy homes…, RCTs…, statistical reform…, and even golf.

If you have a student wondering where a psychology major might lead, suggest they have a veg out and listen to Toby’s story (at that page, scroll down a little).

A few waypoints:

0.50 Start

1.20 Brain

2.00 Kids and sustainability, climate crisis

3.00 Cognition, studying psychology

5.00 Stroke, cognition, brain damage

7.00 Brain imaging, cognitive testing

11.20 Enjoying stats

13.10 Crusade against p values and statistical significance

13.50 Healthy homes

16.40 Blood pressure! Health benefits. Inefficient houses.

24.40 Collecting data

26.40 RCT design and ethics

32.00 Outcomes, cost-benefit, data driven policy

40.00 Electrify!

46.20 Golf. Toby’s book.

Happy listening,


PS Yes, Toby is our son 🙂

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