Estimation, Intervals, & Beyond: Talking to Basel

A few days ago I gave a talk hosted by Valentin Amrhein and his colleagues at the Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Basel. Many thanks to Valentin, Dieter Ebert, and colleagues for the invitation. My slides, which include lots of links, are here. The first slide:

And here are my take-home messages:

I had great fun–I always love talking about The New Statistics and Open Science. Also about Bob’s wondrous new esci software, which is looking better and better all the while, and the second edition of ITNS, which is covid-late, but getting closer.

Post-talk discussion went on for fully 45 minutes, with some excellent questions, some from undergraduate students in the class that joined the zoom. Wonderful!

I was asked about use of the slides, for example in teaching. Yes! For sure–feel totally free to use any or all of my slides.

I confess I did have a near-death experience near the start. Despite rehearsals with Valentin where all went totally smoothly, a couple of minutes in, my Powerpoint and/or shared screen froze. My frantic explorations failed. Mercifully, the chair, Dieter, had downloaded the slides. (At the start I’d put the link in the Chat.) He fired them up, shared his screen, then kindly clicked through on request as I spoke. Phew! Pro tip: If talking over zoom that’s hosted far away, make sure the host has the slides and is standing by to fire them up!


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