Online Talks & Workshops, Feb 8-11: Stats Reform, Open Science, R

Archaeology?! Yes, but it’s for everyone–registrations are coming from across science, and from students to seasoned researchers. All welcome. Opening keynote by Nicole Lazar of ASA ‘beyond p < .05‘ fame. I’m speaking later on the first day.

  • More info is below and here. (Go here to get times in your time zone. See note ‘PLEASE DO NOT FILL THIS POLL IN’.)
  • FREE registration is here.

Feel free to come along. Enjoy. Geoff

2 Comments on “Online Talks & Workshops, Feb 8-11: Stats Reform, Open Science, R

  1. Final files now uploaded: two Powerpoint files (talk, workshop), two esci files (PC, Mac), two example .omv data files. They are at
    If you don’t have a login to OSF (Open Science Framework, a wonderful online resource and storage space for all stages of research), go to, click ‘Sign Up’, register with your email, then login.
    Once logged in, go to and click Files. Open the folder and see six files. Download the Workshop Powerpoint file. The first slides in that file explain how to download jamovi (wonderful general-purpose data analysis application, open source in R), then to install esci into jamovi.
    Of course, there’s absolutely no need to download anything to join the talk or workshop.

  2. *Demo of Bob’s latest esci!* In the post I neglected to highlight what will be the real highlight: I will walk through some of the numerous goodies in the latest esci, still in progress for the second edition of ITNS, which we hope will appear before the end of 2023. My esci workshop is at 12 noon AEST, Friday 10 Feb (Melbourne time, UTC+11). You will be able to download my two sets of slides, the latest esci, and example data files from –but wait until a day or two before the meeting. Instructions are at the start of my workshop powerpoint file.
    Note also the talk by David Lindsay, following mine on 9 Feb. His talk should be of very wide interest, beyond statistics. David’s book (2020, 2nd ed.): ‘Scientific Writing = Thinking in Words’.

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