2nd Edition Now With Routledge!

Bob and I are delighted to report that we’ve submitted ITNS2 to the publisher. Routledge say to expect it ‘early in 2024’. We’re hoping they may have something in time for faculty making textbook decisions for the N. Hemisphere Spring Semester.

Not only a new cover design, but also: Bob’s wonderful esci 1.0.1 is now available in jamovi, with a new name and new logo.

esci is now Estimation Statistics with Confidence Intervals, and the logo is:

The floating difference axis is a worthy logo because it’s so central to our estimation approach, and appears in so many esci analyses.

Bob will have more to say about esci 1.0.1 but here’s how to start:

  • At the jamovi downloads page, click the latest version for your choice of Windows, macOS, or Linux. (Currently 2.4.5 for Windows.) Install jamovi.
  • In jamovi, click the large plus sign, top right, choose ‘Manage Installed’, scroll through the ‘Available’ modules to find esci 1.0.1, click to install.
  • Enjoy seeing a new menu appear: esci with its logo.

We hope all these goodies serve you and your students well and we look forward to hearing about your experiences.


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