The Latest on esci: Geoff’s Talk to Turku

Yesterday I greatly enjoyed a zoom talk with the Open Science Community of Turku, Finland. Online were good folks from Finland, The Netherlands and I don’t know where else. Great questions at the end!

My slides and 3 data files (download the lot as a zip) are at — you may need to log in to OSF but registering is simple.

The talk is up on YouTube here. I start at about 5.00 and esci at about 39.20.

I moved rapidly through dances, significance roulette, the plausibility curve on a confidence interval, esci web, Open Science, … to what’s new: the second edition of ITNS, due March ’24, AND the latest on esci.

Starting at Slide 61 there’s step-by-step detail of how to instal jamovi, instal esci into jamovi, and see the wide range of analyses esci offers, with examples. Plenty of guidance for anyone to get started using Bob’s great esci application. All open and free.

The Open Science Community of Turku boasts members from many disciplines and has the wonderful mission of “making Open Science the norm in research“. Way to go!

My thanks to Lydia Laninga-Wijnen, also Oskari Lahtinen, for the invitation and hosting.


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