Dorothy Writes About Our Second Edition

“If I were teaching introductory statistics to undergraduates, this is the textbook I’d use. The things that make it distinctive are first, the focus on estimation rather than p-values (though the latter are covered), second, the link with free open-source software that allows users to explore analyses and visualisations, and third an emphasis on open science practices, coupled with red flags and examples of DFY (Don’t Fool Yourself!). There are plenty of exercises, quizzes, and take-home messages, which will bring the material alive even for the most maths-phobic students.”

…so writes Dorothy Bishop about our second edition. Bob and I are hugely grateful, and chuffed, to have her generous words.

Dorothy is Emeritus Professor of Developmental Neuropsychology at Oxford University, and one of the tiny number of scholars so broadly accomplished that they can list FBA, FMedSci, FRS after their name, meaning being a Fellow of The British Academy, The Academy of Medical Sciences, and the Royal Society.

She writes an award-winning blog, numerous tweets (@deevybee), and, as “Deevy Bishop“, several detective novels.

She has long written about meta-science issues. Search her blog and find many interesting reads. She was a co-author of A manifesto for reproducible science. Since “retirement” she has become even more involved in meta-science, as recounted here.

You can see why Bob and I are so happy that she felt able to write so positively about the new edition of ITNS.


P.S. Replying to the copy-editor is done, page proofs expected in a couple of weeks. The Routledge page for ITNS2 is here, 21 March the publication date. Note one error: full colour, not “B/W”.

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