Simine Writes About Our Second Edition

A clear and accessible introduction to statistics, perfect for beginners. This book covers both the old and the new – giving students the fundamentals they need to understand their field, while equipping them with a more sophisticated understanding of the pros and cons of those established practices. The focus on open science and integration with statistical tools (e.g., JAMOVI) makes the book particularly useful for training future researchers.

That’s the endorsement of our forthcoming second edition by Simine Vazire. Bob and I are, of course, enormously appreciative of her generous words. I recently posted (here) about her appointment as the incoming Editor-in-Chief of Psychological Science–a fantastic development imho.

The bunch of balloons on the right sketch Simine’s main research interests. Who better to write about Open Science and what’s needed to help us all–and our students–do better science? Thanks Simine.


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