Brian Nosek weighs in on the 2nd edition of ITNS

We’re so excited about the impending release of the 2nd edition of Introduction to the New Statistics. And we’re extremely grateful that some friends of good science have taken the time to look at the new edition and provide some thoughts. Here’s an assessment that has us glowing from Brian Nosek, co-founder of the Center for Open Science and SIPS, and previous winner of a Golden Goose Award (!).

Introduction to the New Statistics [This] is A next generation statistics textbook. Doing statistics is not the rote application of formulas and reporting answers. Statistics is a tool to support reasoning about evidence. Cumming and Calin-Jageman provide an accessible introduction to using statistics to improve reasoning. New Statistics integrates two features that are absent from other texts: meta-analysis and open science. No single study or statistical outcome provides the answer to a research question. New Statistics teaches data analysis in the context of combining evidence across many studies to gain confidence in conclusions. Also, the best data analysts will plan and show how they made their decisions to enable others to assess their reasoning. New Statistics deftly integrates open science in every chapter to illustrate how transparency and rigor are fundamental to doing statistics well.

Brian Nosek
Executive Director, Center for Open Science
Professor, University of Virginia


I'm a teacher, researcher, and gadfly of neuroscience. My research interests are in the neural basis of learning and memory, the history of neuroscience, computational neuroscience, bibliometrics, and the philosophy of science. I teach courses in neuroscience, statistics, research methods, learning and memory, and happiness. In my spare time I'm usually tinkering with computers, writing programs, or playing ice hockey.

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