Geoff’s Stats Passions: A BJKS Podcast

When Benjamin Kuper-Smith kindly invited me to chat with him for his podcast I warned him he’d have trouble shutting me up. Maybe Ben felt that, but I felt we had a pretty interesting chat about lots of great (imho) stats issues. The podcast is here.

There’s an auto-generated transcript, and you can hover just below the moving sound line to see a control of audio replay speed–I find x1.25 or even x1.5 can be good.

0:00:00: A brief history of statistics, p-values, and confidence intervals <what, half an hour is ‘brief‘?>
0:32:02: Meta-analytic thinking
0:42:56: Why do p-values seem so random?
0:45:59: Are p-values and estimation complementary?
0:47:09: How do I know how many participants I need (without a power calculation)?
0:50:27: Problems of the estimation approach (big data)
1:00:08: A book or paper more people should read
1:02:50: Something Geoff wishes he’d learnt sooner
1:04:52: Advice for PhD students and postdocs

You can see my podcast is #82. Ben told me he was about to chat with Brian Nosek, I’m sure that will be a great podcast coming in a week or two. A few others I found especially interesting:

80. Simine Vazire: scientific editing, the purpose of journals, and the future of psychological science

55. Angelika Stefan: p-hacking, simulations, and Shiny Apps

54. Jessica Kay Flake: Schmeasurement, making stats engaging, and the Psychological Science Accelerator

53. Chris Chambers: Registered Reports, scheduled peer-review, and science without journals

13. Joe Hilgard: Scientific fraud, reporting errors, and effects that are too big to be true

Have a browse at BJKS. Happy listening,


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