Brian Nosek Speaks: A BJKS Podcast

Brian tells his story, and that of the Center for Open Science and the Open Science Framework. A great listen.

Here are the sections:

00:00: Brian’s early interest in improving science
15:24: How the Center for Open Science got funded (by John and Laura Arnold)
26:08: How long is COS financed into the future?
29:01: What if COS isn’t benefitting science anymore?
35:42: Is Brian a scientist or an entrepreneur?
40:58: The future of the Center for Open Science
51:13: A book or paper more people should read
54:42: Something Brian wishes he’d learnt sooner
58:53: Advice for PhD students/postdocs

I recently posted about other BJKS podcastsBenjamin James Kuper-Smith talking with Simine Vazire, Chris Chambers, and me, among others.

Happy listening (or even reading the transcripts)


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