Choosing a Textbook Cover Design

It’s a delicious moment when the publisher sends a number of options their graphic designer has dreamed up for the cover. Below are the options for the three books. In each case, can you pick our choice? Our choices are below—don’t scroll down yet… 

UTNS (2012) …at left.

ITNS1 (2017) …below.

ITNS2 (2024) …below.

The three sets, all framed expertly by Lindsay my wife, hang above my desk:

Our Choices …do you think we got it right?

UTNS (2012) …at left

Middle option

 ITNS1 (2017) …at right

Leftmost option

ITNS2 (2024) …below

Top right option, as below left. (We were offered just the other five but asked to see the bottom right design in the bottom left colours, so Routledge sent the top right option, which we chose.)

However, when we received our printed books, we discovered that Routledge had actually used a modification of our chosen design, as at right. Not exactly our choice, but not bad.

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