To Find Interesting Books, Explore, Now Including ITNS2

A couple of years back I posted (here) about, which has gone from strength to strength as an engaging way to browse books for interesting finds. I’ve updated our shepherd entry to ITNS2 and tweaked our recommendations, with Pennington‘s little gem on Open Science now first on the list. The start of our entry:

Our recommended list is now:

A Student’s Guide to Open Science By Charlotte Pennington

Science Fictions: How Fraud, Bias, Negligence, and Hype Undermine the Search for Truth By Stuart Ritchie

Beyond Significance Testing By Rex B. Kline

Research Methods in Psychology: Evaluating a World of Information By Beth Morling

The Design of Experiments in Neuroscience By Mary E. Harrington

shepherd offers lots of ways to explore. Happy reading.


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