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Video – Getting started with the New Statistics and Open Science

This fall I (Bob) was invited to give a talk at Indiana University as part of a series on good science and statistical practice organized by the university’s Social Science Research Commons (SSRC).  The SSRC is like a core facility

To what extent do new statistical guidelines change statistical practice?

In 2012 the Psychonomic Society (PS) adopted a set of forward-thinking guidelines for the use of statistics in its journals . The guidelines stressed the use of a priori sample-size planning, the reporting of effect sizes, and the use of confidence intervals

Now for some good news: SIPS

The Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science (SIPS) held its first meeting last year, with around 100 good folks attending. Working groups have been–would you believe–working hard since then. The second meeting is 30 July to 1 August, in

Open Data, Re-usable Code

It feels like every day there is a new development in the Open Science movement.  It’s overwhelming, but exciting.  Here’s a site that I only just stumbled on: Kaggle.  It provides high-quality curated data sets for statistical exploration.  It also

Toward cumulative science– the curate science database

One of the themes of the New Statistics is the importance of constantly synthesizing research results.  Putting results together is a form of cumulative science, it helps us weigh all the evidence, provides more precise estimates of effect sizes, and

Draw your own data tool

Sometimes it is nice to be able to make up a set of data to explore.  Here is a cool tool that makes it easy to craft your own data set: just draw the data and you will instantly see

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