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Don’t fool yourself: Facilitated Communication continues to be a cautionary tail

When I (Bob) was an undergrad, I took methods/stats in the psychology department.  I wasn’t a psych major, but I wanted to take a class on brain and behavior, and I was told I had to take methods/stats first.  At

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The long road towards clinical trials registries – Sackler Colloquim on Reproducibility Field Report 4

Science only works if we have the whole story. This is especially important in clinical trials, where the results of these studies are used to guide medical practice.  Unfortunately, getting the whole story can be difficult–there are strong incentives to

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Science Spin – Sackler Colloquim on Reproducibility Field Report 3

The conference on reproducibility I (Bob) attended in early March was so invigorating I figured I would spread these posts out.  Here’s the next installment. Another good talk on the first day was from Isabelle Boutron, an MD PhD at

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COPE – The committee on publication ethics

Here’s a vital organization I learned about through the Sacker colloquium I attended in D.C. in March:  COPE. COPE stands for the Committee on Publication Ethics–it’s mission is to help peer-reviewed journal do right in serving their mission–how to handle

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Another disappointing replication result, but with as happy an ending as can be…

A few years back, a paper in Science caught the eye of one of my students, Clinton Sanchez.  Clinton brought me the paper in a state of excitement–it showed 4 different experiments in which very subtle nudges meant to foster

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Chance magazine

Yet another interesting resource I learned about from attending the Sackler colloquium in D.C. in early March: Chance magazine.  This is a popular-press magazine and website published by the American Statistical Society.  It’s meant to help popularize statistical applications in

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To Science – Inscription in the dome of the home of the National Academy of Sciences

To science: pilot of industry, conqueror of disease, multiplier of the harvest, explorer of the universe, revealer of nature’s laws, eternal guide to truth.

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The incredible difficulty of making sense of medical data – Sackler Colloquim on Reproducibility Field Report 2

Here’s my second update from the Sackler Colloquium on Reproducibility in Research. For me, the highlight of the first day was David Madigan, who is a statistician at Columbia. David discussed the foibles of observational medical research.  Health care systems

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Sackler Colloquim on Reproducibility – Field Report 1

This week I (Bob) am attending the Sackler Colloquium on Reproducibility in Research.  It’s an event put on by the National Academy of Sciences. For the blog this week I’ll be posting some of my thoughts on the discussion.  Here’s

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A chilling picture

In ITNS you may notice dot points like: Focus on effect sizes Be mindful of variability Find a revealing picture Here’s an illustration of the potency of those 3 bullet points. It’s from a recent article in The Conversation. It

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