ESCI (Exploratory Software for Confidence Intervals)

  • Pronounced ‘ESS-key’
  • Runs under Microsoft Excel.
  • Easy and free to download.

ESCI is a set of files for Microsoft Excel developed by Geoff Cumming that makes it easy to use the estimation approach to answer a wide variety of research questions.

There are now three sets of releases of ESCI:

  1. ESCI for Introduction to the New Statistics (2016) – a new release designed to accompany the new textbook and to help students learn the estimation approach to statistics.  You will (soon) be able to download this updated version for free from the book publisher’s website here. Unfortunately, the book website hasn’t gone live yet, so in the meantime, here are direct downloads:
    • ESCI for Chapters 3-8  (descriptive stats, normal distribution, t distribution,  dance of the means, two independent group designs, simple paired designs, cohen’s d)
    • ESCI for Chapters 10-16 (planning for precision, correlation, regression, comparing correlations, comparing proportions, complex designs with one IV, 2×2 between-subjects design, robust methods)
    • ESCI for meta-analysis
  2. ESCI for Understanding the New Statistics (2012) – designed to accompany this earlier book that explains the estimation approach to those trained in statistics using the null-hypothesis significance testing approach.  The newest version is recommended, but you can download these earlier versions here
  3. Earlier versions of ESCI (2001 – 2010) – each earlier version was released with a specific published article explaining components of the estimation approach.  The newest version is recommended, but you can download these earlier versions here

To download and use ESCI

  • Choose one of the three versions below
  • Save the ESCI .zip file to your hard disk (N.B. Don’t open the .zip file straight from this webpage)
  • Open the saved .zip file, extract (unzip) all files and save the contents in a single folder on your hard drive
    • If you encounter a problem, it may be a known Microsoft problem with Windows XP and .zip files: You need to have the ‘Confirm open after download’ option selected. See Microsoft Support Article ID 308090
  • Open an ESCI module in Excel.
  • Make sure macros are enabled.
  • Adjust zoom factor if necessary, so the display fits your screen.
  • Enjoy the mean heap, dance of the p values, and other neat simulations.