Dance of the Means

There is a new, better version of the Dance of the Means now available that runs in the browser on most devices.

Check it out here:

This version was developed by Gordon Moore.

This page is for the Demo/Demo of the Dance of the Means at NITOP 2017.

To follow along with the Demo/Demo:

Please feel free to adopt/adapt the Dance of the Means for your classroom use:

There’s more!  The Dance of the Means is a single component of ESCI (Exploratory Software for Confidence Intervals)–a free suite of Excel simulations and analyses packages.  ESCI is easy to use, free, and emphasizes using visualizations and confidence intervals to make good statistical judgements.   Explore the many other goodies packed into ESCI by downloading the full (yet still free) version here:


ESCI has been in long development by Geoff Cumming.

This presentation was put together by Bob Calin-Jageman using the newest version of ESCI developed for Introduction to the New Statistics: Estimation, Open Science, and Beyond.

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