Legacy Versions of esci

esci is a free set of tools for exploring statistical concepts and analyzing data using the estimation approach.

esci has gone through a number of different iterations–it was originally developed as a set of worksheets in Excel.  You can still access the Excel-based versions below, but we now recommend:

  • esci for the Web – All the explorations/simulations from esci are now available to run directly in the browser, no downloads/installs needed.  Details are here: https://www.esci.thenewstatistics.com/
  • For data analysis, esci is now a package in R and a module in jamovi.  Details are here: esci in jamovi

You can still access the Excel-based versions of ESCI.  For the version that accompanied the first edition of Introduction to the New Statistics, download ESCI in Excel for free from the book’s Companion Website here.  Click on the ‘Student’ tab at the top, then click on ‘ESCI download’.

After downloading to your local hard drive, ESCI in Excel workbooks should open and run immediately. For full ESCI functionality you need to enable macros.